Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest with DIGICOIN LIMITED ?

Go to the Account Registration page by clicking on the "Create account" button to the right of the main Page menu. Fill in all the necessary fields to enter: Your username, personal e-mail, think out and double-enter a secure password and a payment PIN code. Please note that the password, the password is required to log into the account. To complete the registration, confirm your agreement with the rules and click "Create Account".

What should I do if I've forgotten my account password?

Check the correctness of the data entered by re-entering the E-mail and password. After making sure that the password was really forgotten or lost, click "Restore Access" on the authorization page. Enter the email to which your account is attached and click "Reset Password". Follow the instructions provided in the incoming email. If you haven't received the email, check the spam folder.

How secure is your platform, as well as my investments and personal data?

The activity of our company is related to investments and numerous financial operations, therefore we have taken care to secure the platform and every investment from actions of intruders. Our specialists provide a powerful protection against DDOS attacks round the clock and constantly monitor attempts to perform fraudulent or other manipulations. All personal data are transmitted only with the use of modern SSL encryption and are securely protected from interception or substitution by third parties.

Does DIGICOIN LIMITED have an official legal status?

DIGICOIN LIMITED is a private limited liability company and is officially registered in the state register of UK companies under the registration number 11215654. Legal documents and other data about the company are freely available and openly published on the government Internet resource of the United Kingdom at https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11215654

Can I lose my investment?

We warn that all investment activities involves significant risks of loss of finances in case of force majeure circumstances of economic nature. We strongly recommend not investing money, the loss of which can lead to the onset of critical financial consequences or severe mental conditions

How to invest on a DIGICOIN platform??

Click "Create a Deposit" at the top of any page of your personal account. Select the most suitable investment plan and the payment system through which you plan to make the deposit payment. Check "Pay from balance", if you want to pay the deposit from the internal balance of the platform. Enter the deposit amount and click "Pay". If you pay in USD, the system will automatically transfer you to the payment page in the selected payment system. If you use cryptocurrency as a deposit payment, an address and an exact amount to be paid will be provided to you, specifying the time during which the transaction is to be made.

How soon will the paid cryptocurrency deposit be activated?

The cryptocurrency deposit will be activated automatically after the 3rd transaction confirmation in the blockchain. You can control the transaction status on the "Operations" page in the Personal Account or by using specialized Internet resources, for example, blockchain.com or chain.so. Sometimes confirmation of the transaction can take quite a long time.

In what currency and through which payment systems can I invest?

The deposit may be paid with USD currency or the most popular digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash , PerfectMoney and ePayCore. There is 9.99% fee on deposits through PM.

What are the limits of the investment amounts?

When creating a deposit under the 3 DAILY plan, the amount is limited from USD 10 to USD 200,000. When creating a deposit under the 5 DAILY plan, the minimum amount is USD 3,000, and the maximum - USD 200,000. When creating a deposit under the 10 DAILY plan, the minimum amount is USD 8,000, and the maximum - USD 200,000 and When creating a deposit under the 20 DAILY plan, the minimum amount is USD 20,000, and the maximum - USD 200,000

When will the profit accrue on my deposit?

The profit on the deposit created will accrue on the internal investor's balance according to the conditions of the chosen investment plan. Under the DAILY plans, the specified profit will accrue every 24 hours after the deposit is activated during the entire term of the deposit.

How can I withdraw my earnings to my personal account?

Click "Withdraw" at the top of any page of your personal account. Select a payment system with a positive balance, specify your account number or the cryptocurrency address to which the withdrawal will take place, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction. Click "Withdraw".

When will the profit be on my account after withdrawal?

The withdrawal of funds in PerfectMoney, ePayCore, BTC and LTC takes place instantly and automatically. You can see on your account after network confirmation. For other crypto currencies the payouts are processed manually but quickly. PM(Instant), ePayCore(Instant), Bitcoin(Instant), Litecoin(Instant), Dash(Instant), Dogecoin(Fast), Bitcoin Cash(Fast), Ethereum(Fast).

Are there any fees for money withdrawal?

We do not charge the Users any additional fees for the operations on the withdrawal of the funds earned.

How much is he minimum amount available to be withdrawn from the platform?

You may withdraw the earned funds from the internal balance to your personal account in the payment system starting from 0.1 USD for PerfectMoney and ePayCore and $100 for Crypto.

I made a withdrawal, but money had not been credited to my account. What's the matter?

In some cases, the waiting time for withdrawal can be up to 24 hours. If after this time the transaction to your account did not really occur, contact your personal manager or online consultant. Most likely we already know this and we are working on a solution to the problem.

How does the affiliate program work and how can I earn money on it?

Participation in the Affiliate program involves attracting other investors for a monetary reward of up to 30% of the amount of their investments. The reward amount directly depends on the partner status of the User. To attract investors, use your unique referral link.
Referral Commission:
$10-$3000 -> 1%
$3001-$8000 -> 10%
$8001-$20000 -> 20%
$20001-$50000 -> 25%
$50001-$200000 -> 30%

When will the referral reward be credited?

The crediting of rewards occurs when the deposit of your referral is activated.

Where can I control the accrual of referral awards?

You can track the accrual of fees, current partner status and other useful information on the page "Partners" in the Personal Account.

This FAQ did not provide the answer to the question of interest?

Consult our personal Manager via the personal account, online consultant or contact support through the feedback form. In addition, you can write directly to our specialists to coin@digicoin.insure to get the most qualified response. The user's requests will be processed on a turn-by-order basis within 24 hours.